Beach Guest Wedding Dresses


Formal beach wedding guest dresses  may seem hard to find, but they are out there.  If you are attending a wedding on the beach, it is important to remember that it is still a formal affair, with all the solemnity of a church wedding, but with a little ‘fun’ added in from the sand and the surf.

Beach wedding dresses for guests

Beach wedding dresses for guests can be fun while still being appropriate.  Women can opt for light cocktail dresses or, if the bride and groom are opting for a less formal wedding, even dressier sundresses are acceptable.  Usually in the case of a beach wedding, though, one should check with the bride if in doubt as to whether the affair is formal or more casual

If opting for casual beach wedding dresses, the bride may be going with a look that is more along the lines of a sundress herself, so the guests should dress appropriately to match her.See also beach guest wedding dresses.

Beach wedding gowns

Beach wedding gowns come in all types now, because beach weddings have become more and more popular.  It is entirely acceptable to go formal at a beach wedding. In this case, there are many gorgeous wedding gowns for brides to choose one. One very popular style for beach weddings is the backless gown.  It shows a tasteful amount of skin and allows the sun to show off the bride’s tan.  A sleeveless, spaghetti strap does is another option that many beach brides go for.  Many brides opt to go without a veil when marrying on the beach and this is certainly an acceptable choice.  Another accessory that has become a hit with brides on the beach is strappy sandals in place of more formal footwear.

Many wedding dresses for the beach are sheath style dresses, which are both casual and flowing, creating a beautiful feminine look for any bride. This type of dress is both simple and elegant, which is perfect for an outdoor wedding.  In addition, most beach brides opt for white, rather than off-white, as this brighter color reflects better with the sun.

Formal beach wedding guest dresses should also reflect this elegant simplicity. When shopping, it is a good idea to keep these tips in mind.  Look for both casual but dressier than an everyday sundress.  These dresses are quite easy to find, and there are many options out there.  Just keep in mind that white is usually considered off limits for guests, as it is the bride’s special day!

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