Best Dresses For Wedding Guests


Women guests wedding wear  will primarily be determined by three factors. One is the time of day the event is scheduled for. Secondly, the season, and last, the theme planned for the wedding.

If the couple is planning to have a formal affair, it would call for the man to wear a black suit, and most likely, a white or black bow tie. The point is to avoid any temptation to wear a loud tie in an attempt to make a fashion statement.

Appropriate wedding attire for guests

As far as the ladies are concerned, appropriate wedding attire for guests at a formal affair would call for a long gown or cocktail dress, depending on it being an evening or daylight ceremony. The one thing to remember is that you won’t want to wear something you might don for a night out clubbing. Always keep it dignified and be modest.

Most couples will invest some time into the design of their cards to clarify and convey as much information as possible. You should be able to determine what is called for in wedding guest wear from their efforts. If not, to avoid any possible confusion, don’t be afraid to contact the couple themselves, or someone close to them, to make sure you understand what is called for.

Some couples will have chosen certain colors for their wedding. If you notice particular colors highlighted, then it would probably indicate those are the colors that will be worn by the wedding party. It be a good idea not to wear those unless specifically asked to do so. If the ceremony, or reception is going to be held in a church, a private club, or some other upscale location, it’s probably safe to assume it will be a more formal affair.

Another determining factor to know what wedding guest attire will be required is to measure how well you personally know the couple. If you’re not all that close, dress on the conservative side. It is always better to error on the side of caution and be slightly over-dressed. You’ll find it easier to dress-down then to be caught flat-footed and out of place with no options.

Wedding guest attire etiquette

Some are trending away from the old wedding guest attire etiquette and you might see guests wearing white or black dresses. It was understood that white was reserved for the bride and black was a bit too somber a color for such a joyous affair. Many still believe following those two traditions is the most appropriate decision.

When it comes to women guests wedding wear just keep in mind it is all about the couple that is starting their new lives together. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Go with the attitude of showing your concern and best wishes for their futures and everyone should be comfortable and able to enjoy a memorable occasion.

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