Formal Beach Guest Wedding Dresses

Formal beach guest wedding dresses will present an opportunity to have a lot of fun and present a light, airy atmosphere or have an elegant black tie event.

In making the final decisions, there are two factors that definitely need to be taken into account. One is the time of year, and the other would be the time of day, it is scheduled for.

What may be the perfect choice for what to wear to a beach wedding would have to include the little black dress or a lovely, shorter cocktail gown. It is quite possible to find those simple, elegant dresses in several colors. When invited to a formal beach affair, keep in mind the ocean breezes could very likely be a factor. You will want to make sure male guests use a tie-clip and women not wear a shorter, flowing skirt that may get lifted by the wind.

Because you can expect to be walking through sand, obviously you will want to make sure any wedding gowns, and those of the guests, will have the hem no longer than ankle-length. And of course, avoid higher heels so you won’t risk having them sinking in the sand and possibly causing one to stumble or trip and fall.

If you are attending a late afternoon or evening formal ceremony, darker colored gowns would be appropriate choices, along with a shoulder cover of some kind if it chills. The same would hold true for the gentlemen in attendance. Whether a tux, or a simple dark suit and tie, will be determined by the choice of the couple whether a black-tie, or black-tie optional event.

Short sleeved wedding dresses

Many short sleeved wedding dresses are available that would be perfect for a daytime beach wedding. A beach formal invitation might present the opportunity to have a little more leeway in the choice of dress for the guests. Look for more bright or soft colors in fabrics like cotton, linen, chiffon or blends. It could make for a very festive, yet elegant affair. Never be afraid to clarify what the couple has in mind.

A vacation-wedding-honeymoon, like maybe in the Caribbean, or a Hawaiian extravaganza, might give the guests the option to dress formally for the ceremony and have a very causal reception afterwards. The thing to remember, even in a more relaxed atmosphere, is basic etiquette rules still apply. A female guest should avoid wearing something that is too revealing, or dress in white or off-white.

Formal beach guest wedding dresses can be something as simple as the established little black dress to long flowing gowns. You can be sure that with the proper knowledge beforehand, a very memorable ceremony can be held with a stunning backdrop. Whether it’s to be a very colorful, festive, gathering or a black-tie event, with all it’s inherent elegance.

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