Simple Non Traditional Wedding Dresses


As the wedding season comes upon us, the hunt for more non-traditional wedding dresses is heating up, and it seems that some of you out there are at a loss as to what the perfect dress is for you, without conforming to the traditional standard of a big white wedding and a big white dress.

Informal wedding dresses

In more recent times, brides are opting for more informal approaches to the big day and so the dress demands a more casual design.

Whether it’s a beach wedding you’re after, or a gothic themed party, the dress is out there for you, it’s just a case of finding it.

I think that a big factor here is your wedding destination—if you’re opting for a non-traditional venue, the occasion calls for a non-traditional dress. See also second hand wedding dresses and dresses to wear to a wedding.

Popular diversions from the traditional wedding venue are the beach or the garden, as many couple are choosing now in the current economic climate. You don’t want to be traipsing through the sand in a big white gown, just weighing you down, and so I suggest a sundress.

Simple, elegant and when correctly accessorised, it can be the perfect alternative, and will fit the occasion perfectly, unlike a conventional wedding dress which might seem out of place on the beach. This can be said too for garden weddings.

A short dress could look well in this instance, if you’ve got a quirky sense of fashion, and if the weather is there for it, you might as well exploit it.

Colour is another big factor in choosing a wedding dress. The white dress was traditionally a symbol of purity, however nowadays, brides are choosing more coloured gowns, essentially adding their own sense of self and personality to the dress.

We’ve seen many celebrities opting for large pink and gold creations. Of course, if this isn’t exactly to your taste, a cream dress displays a sense of individuality without being too loud about it. Some brides are even choosing white dresses with a splash of colour, to match with their bridesmaids.

The hunt for the non-traditional wedding dress is not as difficult as it sounds. If what you’re after is something more casual or informal, most department stores will be able to cater for your needs, without you forking out big bucks on a traditional gown, when what you really want is a short green sundress! Good luck in your search.

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