Wedding Outfits for Women Guests


There are many choices for wedding outfits for women guests. Women can wear suits to day weddings, evening dresses to formal weddings that take place at night, sundresses to beach weddings, cocktail dresses to formal afternoon weddings, and so on.

Wedding guest outfits

As warmer weather approaches, there are more and more weddings. Choosing wedding guest outfits can be a daunting choice, as women try to find dresses that are both beautiful and unique—and they want dresses that can be worn again.  As one chooses a dress, it is important to find one that does not overshadow the bride, or clash with the theme of the wedding.

Traditionally, wedding guest outfits for women were not to be black in color, but today, black is an acceptable choice for guests’ dresses, however, one should not wear white as it is the bride’s day, and she will be the best dressed one in white!  All eyes will be on her, so it is important not to outshine her. And, it is also important not to wear anything too outrageous (such as a dress with purple feathers or say, a boa) so as not to attract undue attention on the bride’s day. See also evening dresses for wedding guests.

Wedding outfits for guests

Wedding outfits for guests are typically cocktail or evening dresses for formal weddings, and lighter attire for outdoor weddings, such as ones on the beach.  If the wedding is outdoors, one can opt for a dressy sundress, a light suit or less formal cocktail dress.  In addition, if the wedding is outdoors, sandals are perfectly acceptable footwear.  Long dresses are best suited to formal weddings that are held at night, or any wedding that is ‘white tie’ or ‘ultra formal.’  For these weddings one should also go all out with accessories and glamorous hair and makeup.

Usually outfits for wedding guests should be appropriate to the theme or style of the wedding.  Make sure to ask if unsure, no one wants to show up at a black tie affair in a simple skirt and blouse, or in an evening gown to a simple affair.  Proper wedding etiquette includes dressing appropriately.

A wedding guest outfit doesn’t have to break the bank, either.  Even if one is attending a very formal evening wedding, where long gowns are expected, it is easy to find these at reasonable prices, especially if one searches consignment or second hand boutiques.  Here one can find great designer gowns at a fraction of their original cost.

Wedding outfits for women guests are, again, quite far reaching.  Depending upon the type of wedding, one may be allowed to wear a simple sundress, or may be required to wear a formal evening gown. Always know what type of wedding is being held before shopping.

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